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We present a four step approach to rate the quality of

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CT on April 12, 2019 (“Sweepstakes Period”)

I’m coming at this from a perspective of someone who studies (and teaches) a conflict whose relationship to the Second World War is quite debatable. A classic exam style question for college students who study modern European history is ‘Was the Spanish Civil War the opening phase of the Second World War?’. It’s asked not because there is a right or wrong answer, but because it depends entirely on how you define the crucial issues at stake, and you can make a valid argument either way.

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In fact, the love I’m experiencing now would be called ungodly

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A reboot of The Nanny, but maybe a scenario where she would be

We start by reforming police practices and holding them responsible for their actions. I have a very simple solution to the problem. Force police to carry personal liability insurance in order to maintain employment. 0 to 100 in cheap Jordans shoes a blink of an eye. No small scale testing, no foreplay, no test launches. Nothing.

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I told Keith the morning I met with him that if you come into

If Archie is a modern master of the malapropism, he is also a prolific creator of barbarisms made up or malformed words produced by false analogy with other legitimate words. Like malapropisms, barbarisms reflect ignorance and often pretentiousness on the part of the person who uses them. Here is Archie’s usage: “What am I, clairavoyage or somethin’?.

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\u0027 And I started to think

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