After all, Doordarshan knew it was Canada Goose Parka not

Should DD have been given telecast rights

canada goose uk outlet The Doordarshan Ten Sports telecast tussle has sparked off a major debate. Here’s what two Congress leader and Ten Sports laywer Kapil Sibal, and canada goose deals Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Najma Heptullah have to say about the controversy. canada goose uk outlet

Kapil Sibal, lawyer for Canada Goose Jackets Ten Sports:

“In matters of this canada goose coats on sale nature, where buy canada goose jacket cheap contractual rights of individuals are involved, state power shouldn’t be canadian goose jacket used to induce breaches of contract. I’m happy, though, that the government, which wanted to come out with an ordinance to do this, stayed its hand finally.

“I think it stayed its hand for two reasons. One, an ordinance would have, in a sense, amounted to legislative action, and to that extent would have been a breach of the electoral code of conduct.

canada goose clearance sale “Two, I think exercising state power in favour of Doordarshan (that’s what the whole case is really about) would have sent a signal to foreign investors that the government always acts in favour of a state agency. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose online “Because, despite all the talk of autonomy, the fact is that Doordarshan is not autonomous. During election time, especially, Doordarshan is really the alter ego of the state. Canada Goose online

“The government has technically distanced itself and is allowing Doordarshan to take the position it would have liked it to take but I don’t think anyone is taken in by this.

“Of course, in the current case of Ten Sports being asked to share its signal with Doordarshan, it is not the government, but the courts that have intervened and have given the order.

“So, in a sense, the government has been saved the embarrassment of having to get Doordarshan the cricket feed by force. This case, of course, has been decided by the Supreme Court now, but if we are a part of the international community, we must understand that while it’s all very well to want to serve the interests of the public (by forcing Ten Sports to part with its cricket signals), this can play havoc with the participants who have invested huge monies and have even taken long term positions.

“The consequences of this can be horrendous: the contracting parties can not only go bankrupt, but this can even discredit the enterprise. After all, those who’ve bid for the telecast rights of the cricket matches have bid for a period of five years and are paying millions of dollars for these rights.

cheap canada goose uk “So, in order to finance this, they’ve made arrangements with various people. Once again, we’re talking of commitments that have been made. Once you canada goose coats start interfering with this, the whole structure begins to fall like a pack of cards. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose coats on sale “Ten Sports, for instance, had planned to get a certain amount of money from cable subscriptions, but once the signal is available on Doordarshan for free, why should cable operators want to pay it? canada goose coats on sale

canada goose uk shop “I think courts should be extremely hesitant to pass orders in canada goose clearance sale such cases, especially on a Friday, when there is little time to approach higher benches for redressal. canada goose uk shop

Canada Goose sale “I think such strategic denial of justice doesn’t speak highly of the judiciary when a judgement comes on a Friday and it is procedurally difficult to appeal, it is strategic denial of justice. Canada Goose sale

“Frankly, if the matter was really in the public interest, the petition should have been filed a long time ago. After all, Doordarshan knew it was Canada Goose Parka not getting the signal a long time ago, and when it tried to contact the Pakistan Cricket Board it was told the rights had been sold to Ten Sports in an open bid. So why should the court come in at this stage?

canada goose factory sale “And why should it have given an interim order? It should have given a final order. It should have canada goose store heard the full case so what if one or two matches were not seen on Canada Goose sale Doordarshan and then given a verdict. canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose Online “Ten Sports has exclusive rights for five years; how can an order be passed to share the signal for one match, or two? Once Ten Sports gives the signals free for one match, why should any cable operator want to buy the signal from it? It knocks Canada Goose online the bottom out canada goose outlet of any marketing strategy the company may have planned.” Canada Goose Online

“I appreciate the fact that the Dubai based subsidiary of Ten Sports is a good channel and is committed to showing canada goose quality sports whether football, golf, tennis or aquatics all over the world. It is channels like this that promote a global spirit in the field of sports the most secular and egalitarian of all vocations.

canada goose store “I congratulate the company for getting the rights to telecast the India Pakistan cricket series. Because most people thought the matches would never be played, when the Pakistan Cricket Board called for telecast bids, no one bid to air the series with any seriousness. canada goose store

Canada Goose Parka “Few people factored in the vision of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Pervez Musharraf, the two leaders who created the ground for the matches to be played. Canada Goose Parka

“Indeed, had this not happened, India and Pakistan might not have played in each other’s countries for another 14 years, as they did not for 14 years in the past. So Ten Sports bid and got the telecast tender.

uk canada goose outlet “Because Doordarshan does not have the mandate, it could not bid for the telecast. Now, God willing, it will reach a negotiated agreement with Ten Sports so that crores of cricket enthusiasts in the country are not deprived of viewing the match. uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose Outlet “But my point is not about what Doordarshan ought, or ought not to have done. The most important point is that the India Pakistan series represents much more than a commercial opportunity. This series is not Arsenal playing Manchester United, the US Tennis Open, Wimbledon or a match featuring Tiger Woods. Canada Goose Outlet

“I’m not saying these matches are unimportant. But an India Pakistan match is not just a sporting event. It represents the emotions of crores of viewers on both sides of the border. Its monetary value is so immense that it cannot be quantified.

canada goose coats “Just consider what the matches mean to people. They represent the enormous reservoir of goodwill that Vajpayee and Musharraf have managed to generate. It was with this in mind, that when the team met him, Vajpayee buy canada goose jacket told them: “Sirf match hi nahin, dilon ko jeetna hai.” canada goose coats

“Then there is the aspect of pure sport. If Ten Sports is truly committed to sport, it will share rights, the world over, to let cricket enthusiasts see what will be the series of the decade. Where else can you find a Sachin Tendulkar with 12,000 runs to his credit, playing an Inzamam with 9,000 plus runs?

“Tell me which team has better players than the Indian and the Pakistan cricket teams. Indeed, if the two teams got together, they would be the most unbeatable combination of cricketing intelligence and technique the world has ever seen. canada goose black friday sale What Ten Sports is doing is to take into people’s drawing rooms, the best of the sporting action in cricket.

“I can understand that Ten Sports is clinging on to its rights of telecast. It must be looking for chances Canada Goose Outlet to boost its advertising revenue. But my point is that some things are more important than money.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale “Prime Minister Vajpayee, Law Minister Arun Jaitely and a whole lot of others have put their weight behind ensuring this series actually takes place Canada Goose Coats On Sale.

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